Are parents placing their children at risk for serious illness? – A Blog Item Written by Dr. Peter Liber

Although the data collection may not be perfect, the CDC reported this week that vaccination coverage remains low among US adults. Many adults are still contracting diseases like whooping cough that can then be passed on to small children with severe consequences. Major new recommendations were: 1) to vaccinate pregnant women with tetanus, diphtheria, and [...]

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Lance Armstrong’s Life Lessons for Your Kids – A Blog Item Written by Dr. Ruben Rucoba

By Ruben Rucoba, MD The spectacle that is Lance Armstrong provides a classic teachable moment for your children. If your older children don’t know who Lance Armstong is, then their friends probably do. I see a lot of middle- and high-school students in my office wearing the Livestrong bracelets and T-shirts, so chances are, your [...]

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