Influenza Clinics are Open

Wheaton Pediatrics now has influenza clinics open.  Please call to schedule your family today.  Please note, that we have not received the Public Aide injectable vaccine for children 6-35 months old.  Due to our limited supply of influenza mist, we will not be able to schedule appointments for the influenza mist.  If you prefer mist [...]

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The Informed Parent Series – Seminars

The Informed Parent Series (IPS) is and educational advocate of children with special needs.  They believe that knowledge is power, and their mission is to "empower parents with unique, relevant in-depth information." There are several upcoming seminars: October 20th, at 7:00pm   - "Apraxia, Dyspraxia and ASD - the Neurology behind the Diagnosis" - Speaker [...]

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Vandy is Headed Back to Haiti!!

Little By Little is traveling back to Haiti in mid October.  Wheaton Pediatrics is collecting donations to help them on their mission trip. Vanda has compiled a "wish list" of items for the trip to treat the people of Haiti.  The clinic is located in the town of Gramouthe.  Donations can be made at our [...]

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Young Hearts for Life – YH4L

Wheaton Pediatrics has partnered with the Young Hearts for Life cardiac screening program.  Wheaton Pediatrics will provide ECGs (electrocardiograms) to their patients between the ages of 12-25 at no charge.  An ECG is painless test that can help to detect conditions that may result in sudden cardiac death.  The ECG will be interpreted by a [...]

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Is Your Child Showing Signs of Dyslexia?

Does your child have trouble with reading, writing, spelling and/or math?  Are you concerned about dyslexia?  Please visit the websites below to learn more on dyslexia and support options available in the area. Decoding Dyslexia - IL Illinois Dyslexia Buddy Network

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Vanda is Going Back to Haiti!

Little By Little is traveling to Haiti March 23-30th, and they are packing for their trip on March 1st.   The January Little by Little team just returned back and treated 1200 patients in their 5 days of care.  Needless to say, supplies go quickly and need replacing.   Vanda has compiled a "wish list" of items [...]

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Ebola vs. The Flu

January 6, 2015 By Ruben J. Rucoba, MD                        Three months ago, if I asked you which illness you were more afraid of, Ebola virus or the flu, you most likely would have answered, “Ebola.” Now, in the first days of 2015, if I asked the same question, your answer might have changed. But I [...]

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