Vandy is Headed Back to Haiti!!

Little By Little is traveling back to Haiti in mid October.  Wheaton Pediatrics is collecting donations to help them on their mission trip.

Vanda has compiled a “wish list” of items for the trip to treat the people of Haiti.  The clinic is located in the town of Gramouthe.  Donations can be made at our Wheaton and Batavia locations through Saturday, September 26th.

Vanda’s Wish List
Reading glasses (low powers)
Cloth diapers
Plastic pants
Diaper pins
Shoes for women and children (no flip-flops)
Sulfur soap
Snack bags
Vitamins with iron (both for adults and children)
Vitamins without iron for adults
Albuterol inhalers (not expired or unused)
Asthma spacers (used or unused)
Underwear for toddlers
Moisturizer lotion such as Aveeno or Cetaphil
Bars of soap
Disposable diapers (medium and large)
Cod Liver Oil
Onesies (all sizes)
Gymnastics DVD’s
CD’s for kindergarten
Bed sheets (twin and crib size)
Crocs (1-8 years old)
Mattress covers

Thank you for your donations and continued support!

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