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Wheaton Pediatrician Offers Advice to Help Soothe a Sick Child via News 10 New York Wheaton pediatrician and father of four Dr. Peter I. Liber advises parents to elavate their child's head during sleep while their child is sick. According to Liber this will allow the nasal passage to drain out and prevent postnasal drip from turning into a cough.

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Sniffle Solutions

No mom wants her child to feel miserable -- and the common cold can really wipe a kid out! Fortunately, combining a few simple moves with time-tested remedies can help ease your little one’s symptoms. So the next time she starts coughing and sneezing, try these savvy tricks to soothe your sick kid in no time.

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ABC 7 Chicago

Dr. Rucoba appears on ABC 7 Chicago's morning news to discuss the cold and flu season.

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