Summer Safety: Insect Repellent

Insect Repellents DEET is a very effective ingredient used to repel mosquitos, ticks and other bugs (but not bedbugs). When using a product containing DEET, follow these precautions: The percentage of DEET in a product tells you how long it lasts, not how strong it is. Use a repellent with 30% DEET for children and teens. 30% DEET protects for 6 hours. Use [...]

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Summer Safety: Sunblock Recommendations

The following sunblocks may be better for your child’s sensitive skin. The main active ingredients are inert, either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These ingredients are less irritating than chemical sunscreens and do not sting in the eyes. DO NOT PURCHASE SUNSCREEN STICKS OR SPRAYS. These are not as effective. Sunscreens should be applied ALL YEAR ROUND. DO NOT rub these in; this [...]

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We Remember Lynn Rozema, RN, MPH, MBA, Practice Manager

Lynn Rozema, Practice Manager at Wheaton Pediatrics, and her husband Ron both died on Saturday, May 5 in a traffic accident.  Over the course of her 24 years of working here, no employee worked harder or was more important to Wheaton Pediatrics than Lynn.  With heavy hearts we ask that you please remember Lynn and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Services [...]

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Time to book your summer physical appointments

Remember to book your appointment for your child’s summer physical soon so you have a better chance of getting the provider and time that works best for you. Summer appointments fill quickly. Our schedules are open for June and July, with the August schedule opening in the next 1-2 weeks. Please be aware that for August 6-22, physical appointments are only available for [...]

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